3 Tips For Saving For A Car

With that new smell, mod cons, and fabulous optional extras, it’s no wonder a new car is one of those luxuries most people look forward to buying at some point in life. But it’s also likely to be one of the biggest single purchases, second to buying a house. So how can you save quickly and effectively to enjoy the perks of your flash, fresh ride?


If you have a good grip on where your money goes each week, there’s an opportunity to find some extra savings to get you behind the wheel of your new investment sooner. To get to this point, however, you need to create a well-planned and achievable budget that serves your needs.

Bring out the calculator folks, it’s time to start tracking your weekly expenditure to see what areas can be re-evaluated to free up some funds. Factor in everything from phone bills to petrol costs and be honest about where that hard-earned money goes.

Once you understand your expenditure, you can begin to budget. This means eliminating extraneous items like bought lunches and coffees. A great way to save cash is to create a meal planner for the week and shop for seasonal produce.

Put your money to work

With a little extra cash on hand, courtesy of your budget, you can begin to put it to work. There are the traditional ways, like investing it in high-interest bank accounts, or there are some innovative and potentially more lucrative means, such as trading.

By trading currency, there is the possibility of some great and quick returns with the assistance of companies like Learn to Trade. Via the internet, they can take you from novice to trader, holding your hand and offering the wisdom of their own experience with their forex trading strategies.

Extra income

With your computer at hand, there are also some other solid opportunities to earn a little extra cash aside from your day job. Freelancing or selling off your unwanted items are a few of the fantastic ways you can do this.

Websites like Elance or Freelancer allow you to use your skills in writing, editing, graphic design, or computer programming, and you can even bid for jobs. With an established reputation for delivering on their promises, this can be a great little income earner, with payments going directly into your PayPal account.

If you have some extra items lying around that are no longer essential, why not sell them off to get some much-needed funding in the bank? Websites like eBay are a great medium to put your unwanted goods on the market. Or perhaps you can go old-school and host your own garage sale?

Regardless of whether you wish to accumulate enough for the entire car, or simply for a bank deposit, there are a host of ways to quickly drum up some cash. Many require only the tapping of a few fingers on your computer keyboard, and the results could see you hit the road in your new wheels a whole lot sooner.

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