4 Tips To Keep Your Office Space Clean

Work can sometimes be very hectic; it can be difficult to find the time to keep your office space clean and tidy. You might have grown used to the mess and the clutter, but unclean spaces can be detrimental to your concentration, productivity and attitude at work overall. It is actually not as hard as you may imagine keeping your desk space clean. If you are aware of when and where you use items you can ensure you put them back in their proper place after you are done. If you are stuck for ideas, here are four tips you can use to keep your office space clean.

1. Declutter

Think about your desk for a moment. How many little things do you have lying on it that you don’t use? All of these can be distracting. Get rid of everything that you don’t like or that you don’t think you will need, and you might be surprised at how much space you are left with. Less clutter will give you the ability to think more clearly and therefore be more productive.

2. Regular Cleans

Schedule regular cleans of your desk and your office space. An uncluttered space is much easier to clean. Unplug all your computers and appliances, and wipe down every surface with a slightly damp cloth to pick up any dust or visible grime. These cleans may just take fifteen or twenty minutes every two weeks, but it will save you having to do a massive spring clean when it just all gets too much. And when it comes to dust, don’t forget to consider air quality, too. If you’re not sure how to assess or correct air-quality issues, specialists such as Air Noise Environment can help you analyze and solve any problems relating to the environmental cleanliness of your workplace.

3. Filing System

Set up a filing system that you understand and will use, and review this process regularly. Your files will likely be both paper and electronic, so make sure you follow your filing system the same way each time so you know where to locate anything you’ve filed away. It is also good to go through these files weekly, monthly, and annually to get rid of anything that is irrelevant or that you no longer need.

4. Electronics

Out of everything in your office, you probably use your electronics the most, and yet these are often the items that are cleaned the least. Your keyboard, monitor, mouse, and the wires associated with all of these tend to gather a lot of dust and other miscellaneous particles. If not cleaned, these may all affect the cleanliness of your work area. Dust these items regularly and you will see a huge improvement in the cleanliness of your space.

These are just four tips you might want to take on board in order to keep your office space spick and span. What strategies do you employ to make sure it can be as clean as possible? Do you find certain strategies easier than others? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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