5 things that will make your business run more smoothly

Operating a business is a constant job of organising priorities in order to achieve short- and long-term goals, as well as dealing with the unexpected. As a result, businesses are always scanning the horizon for ways to run more smoothly and efficiently. Here is a selection of five things that will make your business run more smoothly.

The right staff

Having the right people on board is crucial to your business running more effectively and efficiently. Hiring and training staff who treat your clients with respect, know their roles thoroughly and are constantly improving their skills can take the burden off you as the business owner and allow for more time to build your enterprise and innovate.

Flexible telecommunications

Telecommunications in the 21st century are so much more than a multi-line phone system. Regardless of the size of your business, there is a phone system on the market that can be customised to your requirements. Telecommunications experts such as Com2 can match you with an array of flexible phone systems, such as Panasonic phone systems, enabling you to connect with your customers and suppliers in several ways. Options may include Internet connectivity, automated incoming call direction, voicemail, music on hold and VoIP capability.

Online calendars

Cloud technology has been revolutionary in allowing people to record diary entries on one device, with the information instantly updated on all devices attached to the same online account. It saves an enormous amount of time by negating the need for multiple manual diary entries. So you can set a meeting time on your mobile phone that will also automatically appear on your tablet, desktop and your personal assistant’s computer. A client’s response to your meeting invitation sent from an online calendar will instantly appear on all your linked devices, enabling you to confirm attendance at a glance or quickly make alternative arrangements.


Part of building and running a business is finding new customers and keeping them. And that can be expensive both in time and financial resources. Networking is one way to help perform this task more effectively, as you can develop relationships with complementary businesses and refer clients to each other. Networking can help you build trust with others in your community when done properly, and lead to a stream of referred clients. This can help to smooth out the peaks and dips in revenue that result from inconsistent prospecting.

Keep your IT up-to-date and maintained

There are few things more frustrating to a business operator than slow or temperamental IT hardware and software. Programs that seemingly take hours to perform a simple function, or freeze just when you’re in the middle of creating a crucial document, are the bane of business people everywhere; they can paralyze business and cost a lot of money. To minimize the chance of IT failure, it is worth having some preventative investment to keep your software up-to-date, clearing unwanted files from your system, and replacing old IT resources before they become expensive liabilities.

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