5 Workspace Essentials Every Man Needs

Just as there are certain essential things the modern man should have in his home, there are also a number of items he should keep handy in the workplace. Some of these items will help with day-to-day office life, while others will provide a backup plan for when things don’t go according to plan. Here are just a few ideas for workspace essentials every man should keep in his desk.

1. Good coffee

How many workplaces have you worked in where instant coffee was the order of the day? If the office budget can’t cover a quality coffee machine, then you simply have to solve the problem yourself. Getting yourself a compact capsule machine from a specialist like Di Bella Coffee means you can enjoy a flavoursome coffee every morning without having to visit the local coffee shop. A machine like this doesn’t take up much room, and can be easily stored in or underneath your desk.

2. Spare clothes and accessories

Spilling a drink on yourself is a great way to ruin an otherwise perfectly good day, so having a small cache of spare shirts, slacks, ties, tie clips and cufflinks in your drawer can be a lifesaver at times like these. You can change quickly, remain presentable, and instantly bundle up your dirty clothes for dry cleaning. Similarly, keeping spare ties, clips and cuffs at the office can come in handy on those mornings when you run late and haven’t had time to accessorise.

3. Backup cologne

Even if your job sees you at a desk most of the day, the cologne you put on in the morning may not last all day. It often pays to keep a small bottle of your favorite cologne in your desk drawer so that you can top it up if required. This is also helpful for when you have meetings in or near your building, allowing you to spruce up quickly and make a good impression. Obviously, you don’t want to flood the office with your scent, no matter how great it is, so nip out to the bathroom to apply.

4. Hand grips

One thing you may find yourself in within the workplace is idle hands while reading documents or conducting longer video conferences. If you find your concentration ebbs during these long periods of inactivity, pick up a pair of cheap hand grips. Not only do they provide an excellent, low-intensity workout for your hands and lower arms, but the metronomic opening and closing of your hand around them also helps concentration and relieves stress.

5. A quality pen

This should come as no surprise to business professionals, but a good pen is one of the most useful and reliable items a man can have in the office. Depending on what you’re looking for in a pen, consider the weight, the action, the way the ink interacts with the paper and how easy it is to refill when the ink eventually runs out. The mark of a true professional, a great pen will improve your life dramatically. Go try a nice one and you will understand.

What are some of your workspace essentials? Share in the comments below!

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