6 Reasons Why Your Next Car Should Have A Turbocharger

Today’s cars come with all kinds of weird and wonderful technology. Carmakers invest a lot of time and money into producing efficient vehicles. Plus, they are also greener for the environment than older models.

You may have noticed that many of today’s cars come with turbochargers bolted to the engines. On the first reflection, you might think this is just a clever marketing ploy to entice you to buy a certain model. But, there’s more to it than that – believe it or not!

Here are six compelling reasons to make your next car a turbocharged one:

  1. They increase engine performance

One of the most distinct advantages of turbochargers is how they increase horsepower. Some offer a small boost in power. Others are larger.

Take, for example, the BMW i8 hybrid. Aside from an electric motor, it also has a 1.5-liter TwinPower engine derived from the MINI. As standard, that particular engine produces 228 brake horsepower. And that’s not including the power the electric motor produces!

  1. They are easy to replace

The thing about turbochargers is they are bolt-on units. You don’t have to dismantle internal parts of engines to get to them. If you need to replace or upgrade your turbo, you just unbolt it from the engine. It’s as simple as that!

Turbos work by forcing extra air into the intake system. They do so by allowing exhaust gases to spool one or more turbines. Those components then create cold air that goes into the engine. Yes, turbochargers use oil. But, that’s only to lubricate the internal parts.

One can easily “plug” the oil feeds into the turbo before dismantling it from the engine.

  1. They make an engine more efficient

As you may have guessed, the air pushed into the intake system makes the engine more efficient.

When efficiency increases, so do performance and fuel economy. These days, you’re likely to find many cars – even small hatchbacks – with turbo engines. Manufacturers fit turbochargers to both petrol and diesel engines.

  1. They sound great with a cone air filter

If you’re a car enthusiast, you will love the sound a turbo makes as you drive! One way to emphasize those dulcet tones is by fitting a cone air filter.

The good news is anyone can fit such an item with ease. The Ultimate Car Maintenance guide at whocanfixmycar.com shows you how. I recommend fitting a K&N 57i kit to your next turbocharged car.

  1. They no longer cost a fortune to replace

There was once a time where new or reconditioned turbochargers could cost thousands. Nowadays, the price is more affordable. That’s thanks, in part, to the higher usage of those components in many cars today.

Companies like Turbo Technics can help motorists save more money by repairing their units.

  1. Modern turbochargers have less turbo “lag”

“Turbo lag” is the term used to describe the delay before a turbo produces extra power in an engine. Modern turbos, even large units, have an almost unnoticeable lag. That means you won’t have to worry about problems like tire traction, for example.

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