6 Situations in Which You Should Contact A Lawyer

There are many instances when people avoid consulting or getting assistance from a lawyer when it is to their benefit. Whether they are considering the financial costs involved or the time and effort required to get legal help, some people neglect to access legal support when they really need it. In many situations, this can be a big mistake. In most cases, a lawyer will not only help you solve whatever issue you’re facing, but they may also effectively save you time, money and effort in the long run. Here are six common situations where contacting a lawyer is always recommended.

1. Vehicular damage

Like other types of accidents, motor vehicle accident claims can be very tricky. You may or may not be able to claim damages from your accident depending on the situation and the strength of your claims. These types of claims are usually subject to strict time limits for claiming damages, so it’s possible to miss out on claims if you don’t know what you’re doing. Consulting with legal professionals like Sinnamon Lawyers, who are experts in these kinds of claims, will help you build your best case for whatever situation you’re facing. Remember: it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

2. Personal injury from car accidents

Unlike claiming damages for your motor vehicle or property, this involves claims for injuries that you have sustained in a car accident. Personal injuries include whiplash and broken limbs as well as many other kinds of injuries. When injured in a car accident, it is important you contact your insurance provider and a lawyer for assistance.

3. Personal injury on public and private property

These incidences involve injuries such as slips and falls or damages on private or public properties that are the result of the owner’s negligence. Claims for these injuries are known as “public liability claims” and are grounded on the principle of “duty of care”: a responsibility shouldered by owners of private or public spaces wherever the general public is exposed. Like other situations where the injury occurs, the claims process for your injury can be very complex, and all claims have strict parameters and regulations that typically require legal expertise to fully process.

4. Personal injury claims

Personal injuries are any injuries or damages (physical or psychological) where another person is at least partly responsible. This situation is very broad and may cover a variety of scenarios that result in personal injury or damage. Like the other situations above, claims for personal injury have strict time limits and regulations, and they often require expert legal assistance to complete the process and make your best case.

5. Worker Compensation

This situation involves your rights as an employee in the workplace and is based on the Worker Compensation Scheme that employers are legally bound by. Depending on the situation, you may be entitled to compensation for workplace injuries, medical expenses, or even impairment damages. If applicable, you may also claim damages for workplace negligence. However, situations like these are rarely ever simple, and you may have to go through complex legal procedures and processes first.

6. Personal compensation

This type of compensation is for more general situations where you can make claims for injuries or damage to your wellbeing. Normally, claims are made for pain or suffering caused to you. These can include compensation for medical expenses, care and assistance costs, or even income loss (both present and future).

While there are plenty of situations where you won’t need a lawyer’s help, it’s always good to consider getting legal assistance for tricky situations like these. To make your best case, it’s critical that you not only consult a lawyer, but more importantly, you consult one who’s an expert in your situation.

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