6 Things Every Man Should Have in His Car

A person’s car can say a lot about themselves. Even though a lot of people might not realize it, most people will judge someone they just met by their vehicle and what it contains. Most men might realize this and want to make some changes to give the best impression right away.

There are a few basic things that guys should be kept in their cars at all times. These things can not only help them impress everyone they meet, but they can also help keep the car in top condition. Here are six things every man should have in his car.

Valid insurance cards

Having good auto insurance is essential for anyone who owns a car. It is easy for a lot of people to forget, however, about their insurance cards or other proof of their insurance. It is very important to remember to replace cards regularly and always make sure that all the necessary information for the auto insurance company is available.

A cell phone charger

Getting stuck without a charged phone is a situation that no one ever wants to run into. Having a fully-charged phone is essential, and the best way to keep it going is to have a cell phone charger for the car. Some men may even choose to have an extra battery for their phone in their car as well.

A flashlight

Being stuck on the side of the road at night can quickly become very frustrating and even dangerous. Having a flashlight can help men make sure that they will be able to get their car fixed and running again without having to deal with poor vision. It is also a great tool to have in case a man ever gets lost in an unknown area.

A power inverter

In addition to having a phone charger, a lot of men will also like to have some kind of power inverter or something that can power other devices that might be in the car. This can help men provide the entertainment that their passengers are craving more easily. Look to find phone chargers that also have additional ports for other electronics.


Fresh breath is a must-have for any meeting or personal interaction. Every man wants to know that they always have something available to help them start each conversation with fresh and minty breath. Keep some mints or breath strips in the car glovebox just in case. This peace of mind can help any man relax before a job interview or a date.

A great sound system

Though some cars today come with good factory sound systems, most vehicles’ sound systems will fall short of the average man’s needs. Investing in a great sound system is something that can take any car from good to great. Look for a system that will meet the specific needs of the person and of the car. For example, never get a sub that is too big for a small, compact car.

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