All You Need To Know About The New Volkswagen Golf

Every year we see new cars released and we get filled with excitement to see what they’re like. There are some that we couldn’t care less about, and others that get us salivating like a dog waiting for a delicious treat.

The one car that everyone can’t wait to hear about is the Volkswagen Golf. If there’s ever talk of a new version coming out, people will be checking the internet for leaked pictures and specs. It’s one of the best selling, and most popular, cars in the world today. And, VW released a 2016 Volkswagen Golf not too long ago, for us to enjoy. Here’s all you need to know about it:

Comfort & Drivability

What stands out most about this new Golf is how comfortable it is. That was the main criticism of past Golfs; they weren’t too comfortable to drive. Now, every trip you take feels great, and the suspension irons out any bumps in the road. It’s a joy to drive and the handling is exquisite too. When you compare how well it drives to other cars out there, the Golf certainly comes out on top.


As with all cars, you want to check how safe it is. And, Volkswagen has hit the nail on the head with this one. The new Golf receives high marks for safety across the board. There are plenty of airbags fitted, and my favorite thing is the city braking assist. This is where the car detects oncoming collisions and will apply the brakes for you. It’s a lovely little feature that makes this car even better.


The Golf has built itself around being a very affordable car, and this version is no different. It more than competes with all of its rivals, and can better quite a few. The thing I love about this car is that it can be used as a family car. When you look at the price tag, you realize that you can get an awesome family car for very cheap. Plus, it’s found that Volkswagen servicing is very affordable too. So it doesn’t cost a lot to maintain this car either. All in all, you’re looking at a highly cost-effective vehicle.


Inside the car, you are greeted with one of the best and most practical interiors around. For starters, everything looks great and refined. The dashboard is clear and easy to understand, unlike a lot of cars that make the dash look like an airplane cockpit. All of the seats are very comfortable, and there’s significant legroom available. A quick look in the boot will show you there’s enough room for two weeks’ worth of groceries!

All things considered, the Volkswagen Golf is a brilliant car. I’d go as far as to say this is the best edition yet. Everything is more refined and the car comes together perfectly. It’s one of the best all-rounders out there, and ideal for various people. You could buy this as a family car, or a vehicle to drive around a small city. It’s even the perfect starter car for new drivers, and great for long journeys. The Golf does everything, and it does it well.

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