Best Ways To Keep Your Staff Motivated This Winter

The cold winter weather and dark evenings are enough to give anyone a yearning for their warm, cozy bed. It may be cold and staff members may be dying to get home, but this is no reason to accept a lack of motivation from your workforce.

You may notice that certain members of staff have a lot of sick days during the winter, and it isn’t hard to imagine why. If the freezing morning commute isn’t enough to put them off, then the dark mornings might just do it.

The staff that is at work regularly may have bothered to show up, but this is not an excuse for them to be unproductive. Although it can be a challenge to keep your staff motivated during the winter, it is important that you know how to motivate your team effectively.

For our ultimate guide to motivating your staff over the winter, have a read of this.

Value success

If you notice that an employee or a team of your employees are working extra hard on a project, make sure you praise them for it. For small accomplishments, send a quick email, a personal card, or even give them a call. By praising success, other employees will feel more motivated to work harder, to impress you and their other colleagues. If a member of staff performs exceedingly well, invite them and their team out for drinks or a meal to celebrate their achievement.

Create a nice working environment

If your employees like the environment they are working in, they will feel happier and more motivated whilst there. Create an inviting atmosphere for your staff to work in. Having things like break areas and staff kitchens can be excellent ways of keeping staff motivated. Sometimes all it takes is a cup of coffee and a snack to get staff back on track.

Working in a cold office can be incredibly uncomfortable, it can make staff feel like you don’t care about their welfare. A cold office temperature can also make it impossible for some employees to concentrate and can even make them sleepy. If your employees spend the day wrapped in a coat, perhaps it is time to change a few things. Communication is key, speak to your employees to find out how they find the office temperature. If you find that your office is too cold for your staff, it might be worth investing in a new boiler. For some great deals, have a look at online energy efficiency sites, like Although there will be an initial cost, if a warmer office keeps staff working harder then it is worthwhile.

Set goals

To encourage staff to work harder and to keep them motivated, set goals and incentives.  Setting goals for staff may help to drive them, especially if when the goals are reached, there is an incentive. When setting goals, ensure all staff members understand them correctly. Send a group email around with the instructions, so that they can be referred to if necessary.


Make sure to keep your employees motivated by talking to them about what they need. Perhaps planning an office Christmas party would help to keep employees motivated, or a staff meal. Whether it is giving staff something to look forward to or incentives to reaching, make sure to communicate and keep all employees informed.

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