Crafting Ideas To Keep Your Kids Busy During The Summer Holidays

Yes, the summer holidays are almost upon us, and it is time for us to think about how we intend to keep our little cherubs occupied throughout the long days ahead. There is only so much the children can do to keep themselves busy. Sometimes we must step in to engage them in an organized activity. We must also take them on day trips or holidays, which cost money.

If you are trembling with terror, you are not alone. Parents up and down the country are reaching for the medicine cabinet to calm their nerves. Here are some crafting ideas you might like to take up with your children to keep them happy and focused.

Build A Robot

Young children have a fascination with cardboard boxes. It isn’t the cardboard that makes them excited; it is the potential of what it might become. To us, an old box is just that, but to a child, it is a spaceship or a dinosaur, or in this case a robot.

Robots are easy to build because you only need three boxes. Use a medium size for the legs, a large one for the body, and a small one for the head. Use a hot glue gun to stick the boxes together and get the paint out of the cupboard.

The kids will find the cardboard much easier to paint if you give it a coat of matt emulsion beforehand. They can set to work and let their imaginations fly as the robot comes to life before your eyes. You could use some tin foil for the eyes and some old plastic tubes for the arms. The possibilities are endless.

Cross Stitch

Counted cross stitch kits are quite expensive, but they are worth every penny in my opinion. It is a project that a child can pick up and work on whenever they like. There are many designs on the market so your children will have no trouble finding one they like. You will need to give them a hand often, but you will get enjoyment from it too.

Decorate Pots

Go to your local garden center and buy some clay pots in various sizes. You will also need a bag of plaster of Paris, some seashells, and some beads. You coat the outside of the pot, a little at a time, with plaster and let the child push beads and shells into it for decoration. It is a fun project but the plaster goes hard quickly, so you have to work fast.


All kids knit at some point. Cast twenty stitches onto some needles for them and teach them a basic stitch. It is easy to make a scarf this way, but they must persevere. You will find that it is something they will do as the mood takes them. Be prepared to keep adding or taking stitches away as the scarf grows.

I hope you will add these ideas to your bag of tricks and refer to them later when you need an activity. Keeping them busy all of the time is hard work but rewarding when they are in bed. Seriously, enjoy it while you can because they do not remain that way for long. Until next time, have a happy summer holiday.

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