Creating the Illusion of Space in Small Rooms

There are lots of advantages to small rooms. They are cosy and easy to keep warm and less space means there is less to clean. But at times they can feel a little restrictive. Due to a lack of storage space, they can be tricky to keep tidy. At times you long for wide-open spaces and tall ceilings. What can you do to create the illusion of space in small rooms?


Where possible opt for wooden floors or tiles. This will give the impression of space. Look at the variety of materials available. Opt for something a little different. For example, bamboo is considered a renewable resource. Add a few rugs if the room feels cold but select small rugs rather than large carpets. If carpet is more your style, then go for lighter colours or neutral shades.


Like flooring, the colour of your walls has an impact on small rooms. If your walls are painted then opt for light or neutral colours. Darker colours can give the impression of being ‘closed in’. If you must have dark or bright colours then restrict them to a focus wall, rather than the whole room.

Wallpaper can change our perception of space. Large patterns will make your room look smaller. Instead, select wallpaper with a light background and a small repeating pattern. Vertical stripes can elongate walls, giving the impression of taller ceilings. Again, you can always add a feature wall if want to add a more complex pattern or darker colours.


When choosing furniture for smaller spaces think about function. It is likely that storage will be limited and so be smart about your choices. For example, chests and trunks make great coffee tables and double as a storage space.

Foldaway tables mounted to the wall are ideal for temporary desks and dining areas. When not in use they will fold down flat to the wall.

Before purchasing, furnishings and decorative items read our three steps to a comfortable home.

Introduce Mirrors

Mirrors are one of the best methods of making small spaces appear bigger. They reflect the light and give the impression of bright and airy space. This effect is amplified when they are positioned behind a light source such as a lamp or candle.

Reduce Clutter

A cluttered room will make the space appear smaller. Clear away as much clutter as you can by incorporating clever storage solutions. Opt for furniture that can be packed away when not in use. Keep rooms tidy and the floor space as free as possible.

Decluttering also extends to walls. Don’t go overboard with artwork and photographs. Keep it simple and space out frames.


To achieve light, bright spaces keep window areas open. Opt for light curtains or blinds and don’t block out the natural sunlight. If you’re overlooked and need some privacy, choose bright nets or voile panels.

In summary, keep the colours light and neutral. Use dark colours and large patterns sparingly. Be clever about your storage and make your furniture work for you. Small spaces can be challenging. But if you get the balance just right, you can achieve bright and airy spaces that are also warm and cosy.

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