Factors causing Pakistan real estate to devalue

For past few years, Pakistan is going through the most turbulent times in its history. Currently everything in Pakistan is suffering from great problems whether it is real estate or economic conditions or political scenarios or anything at all. There are some major factors which are causing Pakistan real estate to devaluate. The interesting thing is that all the factors are interlinked with each other but one factor which has major influence on Pakistan real estate sector is the political instability. Other factors are inflation, terrorism, devaluation of Pakistani Rupee.

Political instability is a major factor which is creating a big hindrance in the way of Pakistan real estate. Political instability has always remained a major cause in the failure of Pakistani institutions. Since its creation the political leaders are scuffling with each other in order to attain power and money. The recent yeas are the worst example of it. Due to our corrupt elders the whole hierarchies of high officials are indulged in corruption. The end result of political instability and corruption leads us towards big inflation where rich is getting richer and poor is getting poorer.

Inflation is also a big factor that is causing real estate sector to devaluate. Only due to inflation the prices of real estate properties are sky-rocketing these days. Prices of property in Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi are on fire. While on the other hand, inflation has minimized the buying power of every individual. People are only able to buy properties when they have money in hand but if people hardly make both the ends meet then how is it possible for them to invest in Pakistan properties?

As discussed earlier in this article, the political instability is the root of menace in Pakistan; theres a war going on in some parts of the country, and it has made Pakistan a war-torn area, and all investors, no matter foreign or local are shying away from investing in these regions. Ultimately every sector in Pakistan including Real estate, industries, factories, banks, imports, exports is suffering and each and every financial activity has come to a full-stop. And because no investor is interested in investing in any sector of Pakistan, the economy of Pakistan is facing an abysmal decline. All of these factors have simultaneously affected the Pakistan real estate. Until or unless these factors are resolved, the upward surge of Pakistan economy is impossible.

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