Hindi News Unites or Divides

Sports are just another way of relaxation that involves hyperactivity. Hyperactivity keeps mind on toes to come up with strategies within minutes to win a game. Sports also come up with the health and fitness idea. Anybody who wants to keep him or her physically fit and mentally sharp he can choose it as a best option. Sports news in Hindi has a way to enlighten us with the issues and activities going there in the sports world- India and others included. States news like utter Pradesh news, Karnataka News, Kerala News, Madhya Pradesh News and others never forget to add a part of this world to their reporting. In all this, being Hindi news also plays a major role. Who would have imagined that even that could be an issue to ponder upon or even a bone of contention?

Hindi is declared as national language of India. Wait for a while! Unlike other countries, India does not have a single language honored of being national. Belonging to Spectrum so multicolored, India cannot afford this. It is the only exceptional country to call more than one language as national. This is unique. Few may also remember a tagline favoring the action. It happens only India. Hence, Hindi news is got to draw attention if it is given more than its share as some may feel.

For instance, one can take Sports News in Hindi. Even during commentary for a particular match or game, Hindi has its presence. Being the most spoken language it becomes the major medium of interaction (other than English) to be adopted by the media. People may shy away from that fact that they are living in a country of great diversity but here is no reason to do so. It is something to be enjoyed and to be proud of. How many countries flaunt such a view? Very Few! So there is nothing to frown upon if somebody says that he loves Uttar Pradesh news that too in Hindi.

Things look very promising when they are in abstract form. News is also not much of an exception. When they seem to explain expected they do not arouse interest. It can be Uttar Pradesh news or any other state for that matter. Although, for us, Hindi news still might get some attention. When it is Sports news in Hindi, it can be very buzzing. Language has a huge scope. It can unite us or divide us as. It is our mindset after all that chose.

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