How to Get Cheap Car Insurance for senior citizens or elderly

Are you looking for cheap car insurance for senior citizens? Finding discount car insurance for elderly drivers or senior drivers is a tedious task. You must do a lot of research in order to find car insurance for senior citizens that takes into account your particular car insurance needs.

The price of car insurance for seniors or the elderly is dependant on the person’s driving record, type of car, type of coverage, and more.




  1. Find out about discount driving insurance rates for older drivers Some car insurance companies offer discount car insurance for senior drivers. Be sure to ask your current car insurance company if they have cheap rates based on your age. You might be able to get a senior discount rate, especially if you have been with the same insurance for many years.
  2. Don’t assume you will get a better rate by sticking with the same policy you’ve had for years Once you check out your current car insurance company, make sure to check others. There might be a company that has very good rates on car insurance for senior citizens other than the car insurance company you are currently using. Though it is a pain to switch companies, it is well worth it if you see you can save money.
  3. Search the net or have someone younger do it for you If the elderly person is not used to internet searching, have someone younger search the internet for them. The internet is a great place to find cheap car insurance for the elderly. You can search many websites and compare senior rates between them.
  4. Take a senior citizen driving class Find out from your car insurance company if you can take senior citizen driving classes to lower your insurance rates. Your insurance may approve certain driving courses designed especially for older drivers. Not only will these courses make you a better driver, but they can also lower your insurance rates.
  5. Find out if there are discounts for driving less If you are not planning on driving much, you should find out if you can get discounted driving insurance based on this. You might be able to get a discount car insurance for senior citizens package if you drive less than a certain amount.
  6. Use a good driving record to your benefit If you’ve always had a good driving record, that will be used for your benefit to lower rates. Car insurance companies will take into account that you have many years of driving experience and a good record throughout this time.
  7. Install safety features in your car Installing features such as airbags or alarm systems in older cars can help lower insurance rates for seniors. The more safety features your car has installed, the more probability of lowering your rates.
  8. Consider whether or not you still need to drive Before getting car insurance for seniors, consider whether or not you really need to drive at all. If you are retired and no longer going to work, maybe it doesn’t pay to drive. Maybe it pays to just sell your car and use cabs. Maybe it pays to just have someone else drive for you and take your name off the insurance policy. Just because you are not driving doesn’t mean you lose your independence. Carefully consider if driving is worth the expense.

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