How to Handle a Crack in Your Windshield

Even the most careful drivers can experience windshield cracks, usually caused by rocks or flying debris from other vehicles. When this occurs, it can be confusing for most to determine the next course of action. However, large cracks call for leaking windshield repair, before the crack worsens or damage to your interior occurs. Begin by talking with your insurance company, while assessing your next steps.

  • Ask your insurance company about the policy on windshield cracks. If you have basic insurance, it’s likely you won’t receive any monetary help with the crack. Those with higher policies may be encouraged to fix the crack, rather than replace the costly window. Understand how much money you’ll receive for the damage, before contacting local repair shops.
  • Refer to your friends for advice on shops they’ve used for similar repairs. They’ll be able to point you in the right direction for reliable repair locations and even the shops to avoid. Online reviews can be helpful, as well.
  • Choose the company willing to assess the damage, before you determine to hire them. They should be capable of letting your know if it’s easier to repair the problem or replace the glass.

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