How to Keep Your Harley-Davidson Bike in the Best Shape

There are two main things that every Harley-Davidson bike is famous for, its top-notch execution and cutting-edge abilities. Nevertheless, it needs maintenance, just like other bikes, so you should take care of your bike in such a way that there is not much deterioration and its lifespan, as well as functioning, are enhanced.

How to take care of your Harley-Davidson bike

Many people believe that since Harley-Davidson is a highly customizable and rebuild-able bike, they can make it last forever. However, it’s not true and studies have revealed that even this model needs a certain kind of maintenance and attention in order to last forever. Here are some tips are given below which will certainly help you in preserving your precious bike:

  • Always check your bike just before you go for a ride on the road. You must ensure that its brakes are good. Regularly examine your bike and take care of all the minor issues that you come across. This will prevent them from becoming major and serious in the future.
  • Never ever abuse your bike. Don’t ride the bike at full speed and then, apply a sudden brake, just because it looks all fun and cool. You should keep its acceleration steady, apply its brakes appropriately and ride it in a proper manner.
  • You should master the manual that comes with your Harley-Davidson bike. This way, you will have better knowledge about your bike and you will be easily able to handle all of its troubleshooting issues. You should be educated enough to enhance the safety and performance of your bike.
  • You should make regular oil changes as recommended so that the health of your bike’s engine is preserved. Ensure the cleanliness of its air filters and get rid of all the abrasive objects present in its valves and cylinders.

Spring maintenance of your Harley-Davidson

Examine your bike regularly to ensure its safety and make sure that its oil levels and conditions are optimum. Check all of its controls so that you can see whether they function properly or not. These controls include throttle, shifter, brakes at the front and at the back, and clutch. Also, check the bike’s handlebars and steering.

Inspect the pressure present in its tires and their conditions as well. You can go through the manual if you have any problem with its load rating or pressure. Get your tires replaced once you find that there are cuts or cracks present on them or the amount of tread left in them is below 50%. Check the vehicle for the leakage of oil or fuel and don’t forget to examine the sprockets, drive belts, and brakes, if your bike gives high mileage.

Some extra tips

You should have a logbook in which you can track all the issues associated with your bike’s maintenance and functioning. Use your logbook to note activities like oil change, the type of oil chosen, new tires or brake pads, mileage given by the bike, brands used, gas purchases, etc. You should also check the tire pressure whenever your tires get cold. Inspect the tightness and condition of the chain or belt used in your bike and make sure that it’s undamaged.

Lubricate the chain or belt properly and make it snug. Give thorough wash to your Harley frequently and get rid of all the dirt, moisture, grease, and other damaging components. You should also keep a check on its hardware to see if there is any requirement for repair or replacement.

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