How To Make Your Business More Eco-Friendly

With the threat of climate change looming and the costs of running a business growing, there’s never been a better time to make better use of your resources and cut down on the amount of waste your business produces. Going green could be easier than you expect. A few simple changes can help to make your business more green while saving you money in the long run.


Print Less

Don’t print documents out unless it’s truly necessary. If you need to share a document with a colleague then email it over rather than printing and delivering it in person. If you do need to print something, print on both sides of the paper. You’ll cut the costs of your ink and electricity and save paper.


Switch Your Lighting

If you’re still using normal incandescent light bulbs then make the switch to energy-efficient bulbs. LED bulbs will slash the costs of your business’s energy bills- they use as much as 75% less energy to light up your office.


Turn Off The Lights and Equipment

Consider installing motion sensors in the office that can detect whether someone is in the room or not. There’s no reason to have lights switched on when nobody is in the room. If sensors aren’t an option or don’t fit into your budget, try to encourage more eco-awareness in the office about turning lights off.

The same goes for other office equipment- make sure that everybody switches their computers off before they leave the office. Even computers left in sleep mode uses up energy, so ensuring that all of your equipment is switched off will save plenty of money and power.


Set Up Recycling Bins

Even though it’s common knowledge that recycling helps combat the global waste epidemic, many offices still throw out huge amounts of paper and plastic every year. If you haven’t done so already, divide your bins into recycling and waste, and label them clearly so that everybody knows exactly what belongs where.


Go Local

When it comes to buying office supplies and anything else you need for your business, just making the effort to buy from local traders could dramatically reduce your business’s carbon footprint. Buy your toilet paper, cups, folders, printing paper, pens, and paper towels in bulk from local suppliers and eliminate the need for carbon dioxide and gas to be released into the atmosphere while transporting your business supplies.

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