How To Overcome A Fear Of Driving After An Auto Accident

For most people, driving is an enjoyable pastime. It also facilitates their need to commute to work and to attend social events. Sometimes it’s nice just to hit the road and go on an excursion somewhere random for the day.

Other people aren’t so thrilled about the prospect of getting behind the wheel. Some of those folks might be new to motoring while others are experienced drivers. The latter might hate driving because they got involved in an auto accident.

Anxiety received from an auto accident can often make it hard to get back on the road. Here’s how you can overcome your fear of driving:



Make sure that you have financial support

Before you get back on the road, it’s crucial that you speak to an auto accident attorney. That’s because you need to claim for expenses caused as a result of your accident. Sure, you have insurance to pay for any damage to your car.

But what about your personal expenses? I’m talking about things like medical treatment, loss of earnings, and so forth. You may even need to pay for professional help to get over your driving anxiety.

Try to keep things in perspective

You’ve dealt with the financial consequences of your auto accident. It’s time to start working on getting yourself back on the road again. The first thing you need to do is keep things in perspective. Many people with post-accident driving anxiety get worried about one thing.

They believe the chances of them having another auto accident are higher. The thing about auto accidents is that they are random. There is no particular pattern to when they could happen. What you must know is that you can control the level of risk when you’re on the road.

Don’t take giant leaps

It’s also important that you take things slowly and try not to rush yourself back into the driver’s seat. Otherwise, you could end up refusing to drive ever again!

I recommend starting with small steps. First of all, get behind the wheel in an empty, enclosed car park. The idea is to get you used to the notion of driving again, not just sitting in the car.

Have someone with you that you trust and who is patient. Don’t take a friend that is likely to coax you into driving when you don’t want to. Just take things slowly and at a pace that you’re comfortable with.

Progress to local driving

When you feel confident enough, you should then go on the road and start driving in your neighborhood. Even just a drive around the block will do. As your confidence grows, your anxiety will drop.

You can then move on to driving in your local town and eventually go onto the highway.

By following the above steps, you will get back to a regular driving pattern once again. If, at any point, you feel anxious, don’t be afraid to pull over. It’s perfectly normal to have the odd moment here and there.

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