Incorporating craft into your home design

If your hobby is craftwork, but you do not know what to do with all those designs you have in mind, then you should consider how they could be adapted and incorporated into the home. Not only will you be personalizing your home, but you will be able to show off your craft skills.

Craft for the home

Handicrafts can help you to make a statement in your home. They will say something about you; tell your visitors about the types of designs you are drawn to, as well as the image of yourself that you want to project. They also have the appeal of uniqueness, helping to make a space distinctly yours.

Tile art

The use of tiles in interior design can be traced back to the Ancient Romans and beyond. You may not be prepared to make thousands of tesserae to create an authentic Roman mosaic, but you can use your own tiles to create a mural on any flat surface in your home, whether on your entrance hall floor or on the walls of the bathroom. You can use individual tiles to make up a complete picture, or lots of different ones to construct an intricate pattern. Home craft tiles will serve both an aesthetic and functional purpose when used as a splashback in your kitchen.

Seashell craft

If you have a passion for seashells, then you can create a variety of ornamental items for your home, as well as bring a touch of nature indoors. Designs can be seasonal, such as decorations for Christmas trees, or for special occasions, such as decorations for your table when you throw a dinner party. You can also decorate table lamp bases, plant pots, or create an elaborate and highly original wreath to hang on the wall or the back of a door. If you really have a knack with seashells, then you could attempt a truly ambitious project and make unique lighting, such as an elaborate chandelier.


Wood is perhaps one of the most natural materials on the planet and, just like shells, it can be a great way to add a natural touch to your interiors. Driftwood is a popular choice for home ornamentation, and this can be fashioned into frames for mirrors and paintings, or bundled together to make a truly eye-catching and unique table lamp base.

Reclaimed wood has become part of the repertoire of professional designers so copy their techniques and repurpose old plantation shutters to become a high-impact headboard for your bedroom, an unusual notice board in your home study, or a utensil or pot hanger in your kitchen. You can even use strong, long sticks as curtain rails and a canopy rail for your bed. Alternatively, you can make something a little more functional and create a ladder shelf and towel rack for your bathroom.

Make the most of your hobby by bringing it out of your craft room and using it to decorate the rest of your home, customizing your interiors to suit your particular taste and needs.

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