Moving On and Moving Out Tips

Whether your pending move takes you near or far, there are some things you must keep in mind to ensure that your transition is as smooth as possible. Sure, you can’t control everything, but you can assure yourself that you have a solid plan in place. Keep these tips in mind and you’ll be moving on and moving out with ease.

Consider your finances.

Can you afford the move? Not only will you have to pull up stakes, perhaps selling a house and moving to a new home, but you will have related expenses to consider, including closing costs, moving costs, and all the costs related to making a transition. See if a move meets your budget.

Find ways to cut your costs.

If your budget is limited, you need to find ways to cut your costs. You can start with the moving supplies as boxes are easy to acquire for free from most retailers. That’s several hundred dollars in savings. Packing materials can be rounded up easily too — just ask your neighbors for your old newspapers. Tape, markers, and stickers can be had for cheap from almost any office store.

Pack a priority box first.

This tip has little to do with saving you money. It has nearly everything to do with keeping your sanity. Truly, if you have ever moved before, then you have experienced “I can’t find it” angst. It is important before you leave that you head off potential problems by packing a priority box. This box should contain everything you will need when you arrive at your home, such as the coffee maker, a first aid kit, food for your pets, and other essentials. Label the box accordingly and instruct the moving foreman to place it in the kitchen or other central location for you to open at once.

Get rid of the forbidden items.

Not everything you own can and should move with you. For instance, any flammable items such as a gas can, paints, or solvent should be disposed of. If you are bringing your lawnmower with you or other power equipment, make sure that it is empty before sending it on. Or, if you are pulling at least some of your stuff, but these items in a separate trailer.

Perform due diligence when hiring a moving company. You have considered moving, but have decided that those days are in your past. Even a pod is less appealing, given that you’ll be the one filling it. Instead, a moving company is the best solution, but performing your due diligence is critically important advises Allied Moving Services. Some things to keep in mind: deal only with registered movers, check online reviews, ask for references, get in-home estimates from at least three companies, and don’t sign the contract until you are absolutely sure it covers your needs. The moving part of your transition can be the most costly, but you don’t want to skimp here.
Keep a document file.

With so much stuff done online these days, it can be easy to forget that you will have an assortment of paperwork to take with you. These include:

medical records, school records, dental records, veterinarian records, contracts, and everything else related to your move.

These items can be kept in a large file and taken with you. That file along with your fireproof box is critically important. If you are flying to your new destination, these must be included with your carry-on luggage.

Ask for help. Moving is so stressful.

Likely, you’ll have people that will want to assist you. If they ask, allow them to pitch in. Some people are great at watching your children or your pets. Others can help you pack. Still, others can cook meals when you’re too stressed to get the work done yourself. Any offer of help should not be refused — you need to consider that people who like you will want to help. So let them — you’ll feel less stressed too.

Moving On and Out

Your move will take its toll on you, but it doesn’t have to extract more than necessary. Careful planning on your part, the assistance of friends, and following the process through to completion can offer you enormous relief and much peace of mind.

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