Steps To Help You Decide On An Career As An Automotive Parts Consultant

Thousands of components go into an automobile. When one of those parts breaks down, it’s up to an automotive Parts Consultant to find the proper replacement. The position is an interesting one because it combines technical knowledge of vehicles, with the soft skills needed to interact with the public on a daily basis when parts requests come in. If you love cars and you enjoy customer service, this may be an interesting career for you. But how can you be sure? Here are five steps to help you make the decision.

Step 1: Take a look within.

Before you start looking at automotive service and parts schools, think about yourself. Are you comfortable dealing with an inventory of thousands of parts on a daily basis? Do you think you can handle the challenges of working with the public day in, day out? Think about these questions honestly – or try and solicit the opinion of a trusted friend.

Step 2: Talk to friends and acquaintances.

Talk to your friends and acquaintances, and find out if any of them know any automotive Service and Parts Consultants. If they do, try and contact the Parts Consultant so you can ask them about the job. It doesn’t have to belong: a 15-minute call is enough to get a feel about the pros and cons of the job. It’s also a chance for you to ask about the automotive service and parts school that the person went to.

Step 3: Spend some time with a Parts Consultant.

Visit some garages in your area, and ask the managers if they like to get some free help in their parts department, in exchange for allowing you to spend the day with a Parts Consultant. By seeing firsthand what the job responsibilities and challenges are, you’ll get a very good idea of whether the job is for you or not before even starting to look at automotive parts schools.

Step 4: Visit an automotive parts school.

Many automotive parts schools offer open houses. These events are an excellent opportunity for you to meet with instructors – most of who have years of experience as parts consultants – and pick their brains. Ask them about the job, and about career prospects.

Step 5: Enrol in an Automotive Parts Consultant program

Now you’re at the final step. The only thing left to do is to check out the automotive parts schools in your area and enroll in a program. Once you’re studying full time and you’re really immersed in your studies, you’ll know if being an automotive Parts Consultant is right for you.

So don’t hesitate. Take these steps and find out if you should start considering the different programs at automotive parts schools in your area.

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