Student Accommodation – Why It’s Worth Spending a Little More

It’s common to assume that when it comes to selecting student accommodation in Aberdeen, the cheaper the place is, the better! Which to a certain extent is a theory that holds at least a shred of truth as when it comes to getting by on a student budget, needlessly overspending on accommodation isn’t a good idea.

That being said, however, severely underspending on student accommodation and moving into a property that’s borderline ready to be condemned really doesn’t make a great deal of sense either. Whichever way you look at it, the accommodation you choose while staying at university plays an extremely important role in almost every aspect of your studies and your university life in general. There’s a direct correlation between the quality and enjoyment your accommodation provides and the likelihood that your university experience will be both enjoyable and successful.

So while getting well and truly carried away isn’t necessarily sensible, it is nonetheless worth considering spending a little more than you might on a true bargain-basement dwelling.

Here’s why:

1 – Your Rest Matters

First of all, the quality and nature of the accommodation you choose will have a direct impact on how well-rested and relaxed you are during your time at university. It is of the utmost importance that you select accommodation that provides you with a place not only to sleep but something of a private sanctuary to escape to whenever a break is needed. You absolutely cannot expect to study and perform to your maximum potential if you are not appropriately rested and relaxed.

2 – Your Studies Matter

It’s also worth remembering that the overwhelming majority of the time you’ll spend studying at university will be time spent outside the lecture hall. There are of course countless options when it comes to available venues for studying, but there’s absolutely nowhere more fitting or appropriate than your own private accommodation. To select student accommodation that is quiet, comfortable, warm, relaxing, and well-equipped is to make an enormous difference to the quality of your private study time. By contrast, choose to reside in a dwelling that is cold, uncomfortable, and offers anything but relaxing privacy, and chances are you’ll find it extremely difficult to invest in quality time in your studies.

3 – Your Enjoyment Matters

Another reason to consider paying a little more for superior quality student accommodation is the fact that it will have an enormous difference to your overall enjoyment during your free time. High-quality student accommodation that is an absolute joy to spend time in can completely transform the way any given student chooses to spend their time at university. If you genuinely adore the property you live in and its location, you’ll no doubt find this everyday positivity and joy rubbing off on everything you do during your studies.

4 – Convenience Matters

When it comes to convenience, it’s usually safe to say that spending a little more on student accommodation will undoubtedly have an enormous impact…and a positive one, at that. First of all, chances are your chosen accommodation will feature an array of high-quality appliances and essentials, the likes of which will both make your life easier and save you from having to invest in them yourself. Secondly, premium student accommodation generally tends to be located strategically in areas where public transport links and local amenities really couldn’t be more convenient. And then of course there’s the way in which quality accommodation courtesy of a high-quality accommodation provider means that when it comes to resolving problems, asking questions, and dealing with emergencies, you’re only ever a phone call away from the right person, 24 hours a day.

5 – Your Finances Matter

Last but not least, it’s important to remember that by spending just a little bit more on your student accommodation, you in fact stand to make considerable savings in a wide variety of other areas. For one thing, the more enjoyable and luxurious your accommodation is, the more likely you are to spend plenty of time in it – rather than going out and spending money. Not only this, but if the property is located in an extremely convenient location, you are inherently less likely to spend a fortune on public transport, which might be the case if you lived further afield. In terms of utilities, high-quality modern properties are designed to be extremely energy efficient and feature heating and hot water systems that cost significantly less on a monthly basis than those you’d find as standard in lower-quality properties. Which in turn means that when all such savings are added up, you might just find that the extra money spent on the monthly rent for the place is almost entirely augmented in other ways!

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