Repurposing A Collection Of Old Books

We all have tons of old books that have been sitting for years on bookshelves in our homes. Some books have sentimental meanings for us, while others are books we have accumulated over the years. While old books can be taken to thrift shops and resale stores, a better option for your collection is to re-purpose them into items to keep around the house. This is a great option for someone who cannot bear to get rid of their treasured collection. Whether you wish to reuse the entire book or just the pages, it is amazing what you can transform them into.

4 Uses for a collection of old books include:

*Paper Crafts
*Home Décor

Paper Crafts

You can reuse the pages of a book for envelopes, personalized cards, gift tags, or stationery. You can also make paper flowers or weave them into cool baskets. If you are planning a party, shred the book pages to use for confetti or use the shred for lining Easter baskets. You can also carve out the pages from a large book and use them as a secret storage area for money, jewelry, or treasured keepsakes.


Consider stacking and gluing groups of books together to the height of a coffee table. Find a piece of clear glass to place on top. This will also work to use for a desk with a wood top. You can also decoupage headboards and vases for a one-of-a-kind design.


Use a book with colored pages to make chain necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings. Consider taking strips from large books and braid them together to make a belt.

Home Décor

Use newspaper clippings to cover a lampshade or to cover an ugly shoebox or gift box. Line a clay pot with colored pages to add interest to a potted plant.

The possibilities are endless for what you can do with old books you no longer have a use for. With a bit of imagination and creativity, your old books will have a new purpose for years to come.

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