Tips for Moving House and Your Internet Service Provider

Moving house can be quite stressful. There’s so much to consider and prepare for. Adjusting to a new environment can also be quite challenging. Having your familiar belongings and setting up a familiar routine will help you settle in faster. It can also help to get your services set up as soon as possible. This includes your internet service provider.

The following tips will help you get connected and into a familiar routine as fast as possible:

  1. Availability in your new location

Data from the Federal Communications Commission showed that 88% of the US population had access to at least two options for fixed internet service providers as of 2014. You’ll therefore have various options for internet services when you move. However, if you like your current provider, it would be a good idea to check if their services are available in your area.

Many service providers offer discounts or free services for moving to a new area if you wish to continue subscribing to their services. If your service provider is available in your area, check their terms and conditions for moving and reconnecting to your new location.

  1. Check the competition

There are various internet service providers in the US. If you’ve been having problems with your current service provider, your moving to a new home may be a golden opportunity to explore a different service provider. The American Customer Satisfaction Index showed that many Americans are unhappy with their current providers. So you’re not alone.

Check out which service providers are available in your new location. You can use a comparison website to compare the prices and packages available from these service providers. It’s also a good idea to read reviews to see what other people have to say about these service providers. This gives you a better idea of what to expect with your choice of the service provider.

  1. Carefully review contracts

If you’re planning to have a different service provider, be sure to carefully review the contract before buying into it. How long is the contract for? What happens when you fail to make payment? What happens when you want to terminate service mid-contract? Are there any charges for termination of the contract? Can you downgrade or upgrade to a different package?

  1. Notify current provider in good time

Whether you plan to continue with your current service provider or not, be sure to notify them of your move early enough. Be sure to check the contract for terms and conditions of terminating services mid-contract if you plan to have a new service provider. Contact them and notify them of the termination as per the terms and conditions.

If you plan to maintain their services after you’ve moved, be sure to notify them early of your intentions. This allows you to book installation services in your new home. Check to find out if you’ll be under a new contract or continue with your current contract.

  1. Go for bundles

Choose a bundled service such as that of Century Link internet bundle. Bundle services help you save money. They combine phone, internet, and TV services. You, therefore, don’t have to worry about searching for different service providers, therefore, saving you time as well.

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