Unifast company and its solder pins at the FAST Exhibition 2013

th June 2013, Four marks – Unifast Ltd took part in the latest FAST Exhibition in Cosford in the United Kingdom about one month ago and it is ready to participate also in the next edition in November 2013.

FAST fair is dedicated to the fastening systems and took place on 18 April 2013 and Unifast Ltd could not miss this crucial appointment. FAST, acronym of Fastening and Assembly Solutions and Technology is a professional event for the experts of the sector: engineers and buyers of the world of fasteners.

The FAST exhibition has reached this year its ninth edition; it occurs twice a year and gathers companies, visitors, exhibitors, and experts from all over the world, everybody with the unique feature of being interested in the fastening system sector. The significant points of this event are innovative fastening technologies suitable for a wide range of use, news, and cutting-edge ideas which enable the companies to move with the times and to introduce novelties in this field. Unifast is specialized in the manufacturing of industrial fasteners, such as solder pins, clips for sale, pop rivets, quick closings, screw thread inserts, solder pins, and steel bolts nuts; this is the reason why it took part in this event as an exhibitor. Moreover, Unifast deals also with the cold forging method for the production of the item, in order to answer all types of requests of solutions that are not on the market and are not considered as standardized items. In this case, Unifast first develops the project of the product, and then it creates the good.

All the exhibitors at the fair have at least one headquarter in the United Kingdom, in this way the visitors could entrust instant support of the purchased products. Unifast has in fact a branch in Italy, precisely in Turin and one in the United Kingdom in the Hampshire, therefore it went to FAST to meet and discuss with experts of the sector about fasteners production and distribution.

The Fastening and Assembly Solutions and Technology fair lasts for one day and it is a unique event on industrial fasteners in the United Kingdom, an occasion for debating, speaking, and discussing the world of assembly solutions. Each exhibitor introduced the most advanced technologies in this field, trying to reduce the assembly line costs; there were many experts, industries, technicians, engineers, commercial directors, researchers, and developers of various companies.

During the FAST day, many conferences have been organized on various topics for the introduction of new assembly systems. All the fastening solutions are utilized in the field of automotive, aeronautic, telecommunications, as well as oleo dynamic sector. The next edition of FAST will be held on 7th November 2013.

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