Upcycling Old Chairs With a Bit of Paint and an Old Table Cloth

When you’re spring cleaning, take a minute to stop and consider what to throw out. Old furniture can be given new life with a splash of paint and a bit of cloth. There is a good reason to save old, torn macs, baby blankets, table cloths past their prime, or even drapes and shower curtains that have seen better days. Depending on what you want to do with the chairs, upcycling them will create a jazzy conversation piece or simply a great new chair.

Give children’s chairs a new look using torn macs to reupholster the chairs. Brightly striped or interesting patterns on old plastic table cloths are good choices for children’s chairs. Simply pop out the back and/or seat of the chair. Paint the frame using bright colors. While it dries, staple the fabric to the back and/or seat.

Distressed furniture is trending now, along with country-style motifs. Paint the chairs the color you wish. Pop out the seat and cover it with old drapes, quilts that have seen better days, and even outdated formal gowns. Save some of the material for throw pillows or a braided rug.

Adequate storage is hard to come by. Enterprising people have discovered new ways to upcycle old chairs. Cut off the legs. Mount the back and seat of the chair in the bathroom to serve as a shelf and towel rack. Cover the seat of the chair with a complementary patterned shower curtain. Perhaps the children need a desk. Place a plank painted a complementary color across two gaily painted ladder back chairs. The children can store their coats and backpacks on the backs of the chairs. Place books and other items on a plank across the cross-pieces of the chairs. Paint and upholster several chairs in the colors and materials you like. Mount them on the walls of a closet for extra shelf and hanging storage.

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