What Would Happen If Businesses Stopped Using Email?

There’s no denying that an email is an essential tool of any business. It allows people to “talk” to each other without picking up the phone. One of the main selling points of email is that you can communicate with people around the world cheaply. You don’t have to make expensive phone calls or wait several days for responses to postal letters.

Some companies run experiments where they stop using email to find out what effect it has on their firms. As you can imagine, banning the use of email can have significant implications. If we lived in a world without email, here’s what would happen to businesses:

There would be fewer interruptions

The most obvious thing to note about a lack of email is there would be fewer interruptions in your day. Sure, that might mean you could get more things done. But, what if some of those interruptions were important ones?

It would take longer to have news about projects you are working on. Especially if you’re dealing with international customers!

You wouldn’t save as much time in your day

Today’s email applications don’t just offer a way to send and receive messages. They also help us to be more productive in our lives. For example, let’s say you want to run an SMS marketing campaign on your customers. You will no longer be able to use an email to SMS service.

You also wouldn’t be able to email flight details to your TripIt app’s email address. Nor would you be able to use email to PDF converters! As you can see, there would be many things you’d have to do manually.

You would have fewer customers

Many folks like to email firms to get more information about products before they buy. Without email, those people would be less likely to make contact. That’s because email offers a convenient way to speak to companies. And emails can get sent 24/7. Not all businesses are open for business 24/7!

Not having an email can have a big impact on new leads you get through your website too. It’s convenient for people to send emails through a form on your contact page.

You’d spend more time on the phone

Sometimes it’s easier just to send a quick email to someone, and get a response back when they’ve got a minute. Without email, you’d have to play “phone tennis.”

In case you’re unfamiliar with the term, phone tennis is where you call someone, and you have to leave a message. They call you back later, but then you’re too busy to answer your phone. And so forth!

There would be many wasted hours each week phoning people or trying to call them without success.

You wouldn’t get reminders about stuff

Many software platforms send out emails to their users to remind them about things. For example, you might get government emails reminding you to file your tax returns!

If you’re not good with time management, not having emails could have a negative impact!

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