Which Car Manufacturer is the Most Safe & Secure?

Most car buyers don’t worry about speed and style as much as they worry about safety and security. And that’s understandable, everyone wants to keep their family safe on the road. So which car manufacturers are most safe?


Almost every car that’s released by Buick seems to be applauded for its safety features. A high percentage of its cars get 5-star safety ratings. Those that have such ratings are the Regal, the Enclave, and the LaCrosse.

So what are the top Buick safety features? Buick has been working hard to eliminate the dangers associated with blind spots. The Side Blind Zone Alert uses radar to sense how close other vehicles and bikes are to your car as you’re driving to help stop many collisions.


We all know about the reputation Volvo has for safety. If we were judging the manufacturers based solely on reputation, Volvo would be the hands-down winner. But does that reputation hold firm when presented with the facts? Well, yes, it does.

The manufacturer has even aimed to eliminate people dying in its cars by the year 2020. Whether this happens or not remains to be seen, but the aim itself is a sign of Volvo’s commitment to safety. The crash tests their cars more extensively than any other carmaker, and they build their frames from strong steel, not aluminium.


Cadillac’s flagship car, the CTS, has quite an incredible safety record. The manufacturer’s cars are all impressive for their safety features, but the CTS stands head and shoulders above the rest. It scored 5-stars on every crash test and has some impressive features too.

It has more airbags than most cars of a similar size and price range. Another one of the top features that Cadillac has to boast about is the electronic stability control. Visit Motor City Auto Sales to pick up a second-hand CTS.


BMW have a system that allows them to integrate their safety features into the design of the car very clearly and effectively. The most impressive thing about the BMW safety features is the way they react after a collision impact is made.

As soon as the sensors on the body of the car senses an impact, certain features are set into motion in order to limit the amount of damage sustained. All the doors are unlocked, the active headrests are activated and every airbag is triggered.


The big range of Chevrolet vehicles that focuses on safety is the Chevrolet Cruze line. Each Cruze that comes out seems to improve on its safety in a very impressive way. The only way in which it doesn’t succeed is on passenger safety.

But that can be offset by the driver and child safety the car offers to buyers. It also has a 5-star Euro NCAP safety rating, and it takes a very safe car to get to that level, very few cars manage it.

Safety and security are big worries for car buyers, especially if they have children. If you’re looking for a safe car, you won’t go wrong with these manufacturers.

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