Work With Cars And Earn A Good Salary As An Automotive Technology Graduate

If you love cars and want to know everything about them from A to Z, few careers will be as rewarding to you as automotive mechanics. Only mechanics get to know the ins and outs of cars trucks and everything in between from a wide range of different manufacturers. If this sounds intriguing to you, you may want to consider enrolling in an Automotive Technology program and becoming a mechanic.

In addition to offering interesting work, auto mechanic job prospects are currently very positive. The automotive service and repair industry is currently projected to add over 90,000 jobs by 2014, and 94% of those people will be employed full-time. Furthermore, salaries are relatively high. For example, mechanics in Toronto can expect to earn approximately $59,000 a year and half of all mechanics will earn something in the range of $52,000 to $65,000.

So what do you have to do to become a mechanic? One of the best options is to graduate from an Automotive Technology program. The programs are designed to teach students everything they need to become productive employees in the industry. Since most schools understand the importance of being able to re-enter the workforce quickly, programs are intensive and tend to be no more than 39 weeks long. Topics covered will typically include:

-Brake systems
-Transmissions systems
-Electrical systems
-Heating and AC systems
-Fuel injections systems
-Personal safety and protocol in the workplace
-Performance standards
-Communication skills
-Problem solving

Due to the nature of the job, instruction for Automotive Technology programs is very hands-on. Instructors are usually industry veterans with years of experience that they can share with students. Because the training atmosphere is very open, students have the opportunity to ask as many questions as they want from instructors and improve their understanding of vehicles.

Most schools have the latest technology on-premises, so that students can learn using the machines that they will actually be operating once they find jobs as mechanics. Machines that a student could expect to be trained on include:

-Chassis dynamometers
-Brake lathes
-Hand-held diagnostic scanners
-Engine diagnostic equipment
-Wireless wheel alignment analyzers

Automotive Technology program graduates can expect to begin apprenticeships shortly after graduation, were in a “real life” setting they can expect to further improve their skills and learn more about the industry.

So if you love cars and you’re interested in a well-paying job, take a moment to learn more about becoming a mechanic. It just might be the career that you’re looking for.

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